Stainless Steel - Double Barrel Magnetic Cord End Clasps - id 6mm



These are gorgeous Double Barrel Magnetic Cord End Clasps. The smaller barrel end fits neatly into the double barrel end making these more secure than the normal magnetic ends. These are perfect for finishing your finished braid - (made using the fabulous Kumihimo Disk) No need for jump rings etc. 

This measures 18x9.8mm with an id 6mm.

Simply glue each end of the braid into an end of the clasp and you have a perfect neat finish. Make sure you glue your braid into the smaller 'barrel' shaped end first (shown on the right in the photo). When set pop this inside the double barrel end. This will ensure you don't glue into the wrong end of the double barrel end!

If when you get the clasp, the smaller end is inside the larger end, you can get it out with some chain nose pliers. Or glue you cord into both ends and when set, pull the clasp apart. 

PLEASE NOTE: your braid needs to be made to the exact finished length as you don't need to allow for a jump ring and clasp. The diameter of these caps is 6mm(id) and will fit the braid made from 8 warps of Rattail 1mm or 2mm. Simply put some Super Glue or Zap Gel into the end cap and then push the braid into the cap and twist slightly to ensure all the braid is covered with glue. Please take care not to stick your fingers together!

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