Just Instructions - Gold Tassel Earrings



Caron was inspired by some earrings that she saw in a fashion magazine and decided to create these stunning Tassel Earrings.

This pattern contains detailed instructions on how to make these gorgeous tassel earrings. 

Ingredients used to complete these earrings:

Miyuki Delicas 11/0 -             DB1834                                                                                       Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 -     D/Coat Galvanised Champagne Gold                                    Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0 -     D/Coat Galvanised Champagne Gold                                Miyuki Bugles 3mm -            Silver Lined Gold                                                             Miyuki Bugles 6mm -            Silver Lined Gold                                                             TRUE2 Faceted Beads -       24K Gold Plate                                                                    Swarovski Bicone 4mm -      Golden Shadow                                                                     Gold Plated Chain -              0.62mm Cable Chain                                                           Gold Plated Bead Caps -     Flower 6mm                                                                     Gold Plated -                        Fish Hooks                                                                       Fireline 6lb -                         Smoke

You will need a beading needle to complete these earrings which are sold separately. We recommend a size 12 beading needle.
You will also need some wire cutters to cut the chain 

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