Just Instructions - Soutache Pendant


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These instructions contain the ingredients required and full details on how make our Soutache Pendant.

Please Note: These are the instructions only. These instructions cannot be returned for refund for any reason once received so please make sure you order the correct pattern.

The following ingredients are required:

Beading Foundation White
Ultra Suede (colour to match your work)
Lunasoft Cabochon Round x 1
Miracle Bead 8mm x 1
Czech Glass Pearls or Miracle Beads 4mm x 2 and 6mm x 2
Soutache in 3 colours x 1m of each colour
Seed Beads size 8/0 x 1 pack
Miyuki Delicas Beads 11/0 x 1 pack
Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 x 1 pack
Closed Jump Ring 6mm x 1

Tools Required:
Beading Needle size 12
Zap Gel or other craft glue
Superlon Tex 35 AA in matching colour or Fireline Crystal 4lb is good to use as it doesn't fray

All of the products used, can be bought from our online shop in the colours of the design as shown or you can choose to make yours in a different colour combination.

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