Just Instructions - 'Crystal Charlotte' Gemduo Bracelet



Caron has designed this gorgeous beaded bracelet using Miyuki Seed Beads, & Gemduos and added Swarovski Bicones for a bit of sparkle.

To make this bracelet you need:

Swarovski Bicones 2.5mm -    (I have used 45 for a bracelet length 7 inches/18cm)
Miyuki Seed Beads size 15/0
Gemduos -                               (I have used 10 for a bracelet length 7 inches/18cm)
Clasp of your choice
Fireline 6lb
Beading Needle recommended size 12.

Amethyst Bracelet 

Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0    Bright Sterling Silver Plate 

Gemduos                            Amethyst Silver Splash

Swarovski Bicones 2.5mm Amethyst

Lobster                               Sterling Silver

Extender Chain                   Sterling Silver

Fireline 6lb                          Crystal



White & Gold

Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0      Light 24K Gold Plate 

Gemduos                             White Gold Splash

Swarovski Bicones 2.5mm   Golden Shadow

Lobster                                 Gold Filled

Extender Chain                     Gold Filled

Fireline 6lb                            Crystal


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