Just Instructions - Beaded Bauble Case Red and Gold


SKU: 161709

These instructions give full details on how to bead the beaded bauble case which will fit a standard bauble 60mm.

Please Note: These are the instructions only. These instructions cannot be returned for refund for any reason once received so please make sure you order the correct pattern.

The following ingredients are required to make 1 beaded bauble case in the colours shown

Swarovski Bicones Golden Shadow 4mm x 42 
Mini Duos Crystal Bronze Pale Gold x 28 
Preciosa Seed Beads Light Ruby AB size 11/0 x 11g
Miyuki Seed Beads Galvanised Gold size 11/0 x 4g
Miyuki Seed Beads Galvanised Gold size 15/0 x 2g 
Miyuki Twisted Bugles Dyed Cranberry 2x12mm x 60
Fireline Crystal 6lb 
Beading Needle size 10 or 12

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