Just Instructions - 3 in 1 Pattern for Triangle Flower


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These instructions give full details on how to bead the flower. How to turn this into a ring and how to complete the bracelet.

Please Note: These are the instructions only. These instructions cannot be returned for refund for any reason once received so please make sure you order the correct pattern.

The following ingredients are required:

Ingredients required to make 1 flower (colour as shown in photo in brackets)

12 x 2 - Hole Triangles (Copper Picasso Turquoise)
6 x Super Duos (Blue Picasso)
54 x Seed Beads size 11/0 (Miyuki Dark Bronze)
75cm Fireline Crystal or Smoke 6lb (Smoke)
beading needle size 12

Extra beads required for ring:

6 x Super Duos
56 x Seed Beads size 11/0
Use 1 m Length of Fireline instead of 75cm.

Ingredients required to make one 7 å_ inch bracelet:

72 x 2 - Hole Triangles
41 x Super Duos
392 x Seed Beads size 11/0
6m Fireline 6lb
1 x Ball and Socket Clasp

All of the products used, can be bought from our online shop in the colours of the design as shown or you can choose to make your in a different colour combination.

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