Just Instructions - SuperDuo Bangle Pattern


SKU: 160871

These instructions show you how to create the bangle shown in the photo. You can just use one colour to make this bangle. The technique is the same whether using 1 or more colours.

Please Note: These are the instructions only. These instructions cannot be returned for refund for any reason once received so please make sure you order the correct pattern.

The following ingredients were used to make a bangle of up to 9.5 inches in length.

All of the products used, can be bought from our online shop.

2 x 10g Super Duoså¨ of colour A (of your choice)
1 x 10g Super Duoså¨ of colour B (of your choice)
1 x Silver Plated Ball and Socket Clasp
2 metre length of Fireline Crystal 6lb

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