This tutorial is to show you how to use your Thread Zap II to save you time when finishing off your threads.
Thread Zap II


The Thread Zap II, created by The BeadSmith, is a great tool to quickly and neatly finish off your threads. The tool has a heated element, which heats up so that it burns through threads and fuses them together. We absolutely love using ours, and it has saved us so much time when we used to 'whip' all of our ends together with a needle & cotton!


We have to say that, much like when using glue, this tool should not be used by children without adult supervision. 

Inserting the battery

Firstly, unscrew the BOTTOM cap & insert one AA battery

Marking the cutting line

Mark where you want to zap your braid or thread

How to heat the Thread Zap II

Press the button on the Thread Zap II until the tip glows orange when you use again, sometimes the residue from previous use will burn away & produce smoke but don't worry this is normal

Placing the heated tip

Holding the braid or thread taut, place the heated tip onto the braid & it will gently burn through the thread fusing the ends at the same time

Cutting through the braid

The cut ends are burnt & fused together. This will be hidden inside the end caps

When the tip stops working firstly change the battery & if this doesn't help then we also sell the Replacement Tips for this tool. Simply pull off the old tip & push on the new one.
November 12, 2017 by Caron Nosek

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