In this tutorial Caron is going to show you how to start stringing your pearls to give them a professional finish. This covers how to attach the clasp and the first 3 pearls.

How to start your Pearl Stringing

In part 2 Caron will show you how to string & knot the rest of the pearls & then in part 3 how to finish the string of pearls.

Items required to string & knot pearls:
Griffin Silk with needle already attached,
A Clasp,
Wire protectors or French Wire,
A pin or knotting tool,
Hypo cement beading glue
Tools required for Pearls Stringing

Double overhand knot

Begin by tying a double overhand knot at one end of the thread (furthest away from the needle)

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Thread on 3 pearl beads & push to the end of the thread next to the knot

Take thread through a wire protector or french wire (this protects the thread from rubbing against the metal of the clasp) thread one end of your clasp onto the wire protector

Take the thread through the 1st pearl you come to

Push the pearl up to the wire protector leaving about 5 cms (2 inches) between it and the knotted end as shown

Tie an overhand knot using the two ends of thread

Push the knot so it sits next to the pearl

Take the thread through the next pearl

Push the pearl up to the knot just placed

Tie an overhand knot as before

Push the knot up to the pearl and take the thread through the last pearl (the 1st one threaded at the beginning)

Push the pearl up to the 2nd knot as before

Now holding the pearls vertically, separate the two threads & carefully place a drop of glue in between the threads which are being held next to the hole of the last pearl (I have shown this on a mat to illustrate where to place the glue)

The glue will secure the threads together inside the pearl & when it is dry, snip the shortest length of thread close to the pearl

You should now have 3 strung pearls and a single length of thread

For knotting the pearls from this point onwards please see our Tutorial Stringing Pearls Part 2
November 12, 2017 by Caron Nosek

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