Crystal Silver Fusion Bracelet
Kumihimo Braiding With Beads
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a Kumihimo Braided Bracelet with beads. You can purchase the kit for this bracelet directly from us, or you can purchase the items separately.

We will use the simple 8 warp braiding technique shown in our 'Simple Kumihimo Blog' except that you will add beads as you braid which I will explain as we go along.

180 x Miyuki Long Drops Crystal AB
180 x Miyuki Long Drops Duracoat Galvanised Silver
4 x 60cm length of Superlon Bead Cord White
4 x 60cm length of Superlon Bead Cord Light Grey
2 x Silver Plated Filigree End Caps
1 x Bright Silver Rhodium Plated Hammered Toggle Heart Clasp
2 x Silver Plated Oval Jump Rings 5x7mm
Zap Gel Glue
Kumihimo Round Disk

Braiding step 1

Firstly cut 4 x 60 cm lengths of Superlon Bead Cord in White & 4 in Light Grey & wrap each one onto a no-tangle bobbin. Then thread 45 Miyuki Long Drop Beads on each strand of Superlon. (you may not need this many beads but it is best to thread too many than too few). You will have 4 lots of Crystal AB which go onto the white cord & 4 lots of Silver that go on the light grey cord.
Braiding step 2
When you have finished threading on all the beads, bring all 8 warps together & tie a knot at the top as shown.

Braiding step 3

Now place the knot down through the hole in the middle of your Kumihimo Disk. Separate the 8 warps as shown placing one of each colour on either side of each dot (north south east & west positions). I have placed the light grey & then the white in the same order all the way around.
Note that I have placed all the beads underneath the disk. This will prevent any from slipping into the braid when not needed & also if you keep the bobbins wrapped tightly with the beads touching the disk underneath, it will help to keep the tension of your threads across the disk.

Braiding step 4

Now continue to braid using the simple 8 warp braid technique without adding on any beads at this stage. This will be one end that the end cap will go on to. Continue braiding without beads until the braid measure approx 1-1.5cms.

Braiding step 5
Now continue to braid in the same way but 'drop' one bead into the middle every time you move a thread. When you drop the bead, make sure it sits underneath the horizontal thread as shown above. If the bead pops up then it will go inside the braid. If this happens then don't panic, you just need to go backwards with your braiding taking the beads off, until you reach the bead in question & then start again. Don't take your work off the disk as you won't get it back on it the right place.

Braiding step 5
For my bracelet above, (finished length 7.25 inches - 18cms, I only used 38 drops on each length). This made a braided section of 6 inches or 15cms. You can of course add more beads to each length to make a longer bracelet. You need to add the length of each end cap, the jump rings & the clasp to get the total finished length required.
When you have got the correct length of braid with beads, you need to carry on braiding without beads as before for about 1-1.5cms.
Then take the braid off the disk & knot the end of the braid to prevent it from coming undone.

Braiding step 6
Place your end cap up to the beads and draw a line on the braid where the end cap ends not including the loop. This is where you will either 'whip' the braid or cut it using a Thread Zapper (see tutorial).
For this bracelet I have used the filigree ends which have 'moveable' fingers. You can also use a 3mm barrel end cap.

Braiding step 7

This is what it should look like when cut with the Thread Zapper. There is a clean cut & the ends of each strand are fused together to prevent it from coming undone.

Braiding step 8
With the filigree ends, you place the Zap Gel Glue directly onto the braid going all round the braid with the glue. If you use barrel end caps, then place the glue into the end cap to about 1/3rd full.

Braiding step 9

Now with an old pair of chain nose pliers, carefully close the fingers around the braid. Wipe any excess glue from the pliers before it sets. Repeat for the other end of the braid & leave for a few minutes to let the glue dry properly.

Braiding step 10

Now open an oval jump ring & place on one end of the toggle then attach it to your filigree end cap & close. Repeat for the other end.

Finished Kumihimo Braid With Beads - Crystal Silver Fusion
November 05, 2017 by Caron Nosek

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