Kumihimo is such a great braiding technique, we love the fact that it is not only such an easy craft to pick up, but you can use it to make so many different, beautiful designs – not just jewellery.

This post is going to take you through the basics of Kumihimo braiding, so you too can get cracking on your designs!


Simple 8 warp Kumihimo Braided Bracelet

At first, we will teach you how to use the Kumihimo disks, which come in two sizes: mini and regular. It doesn’t matter which size you use, it won’t change the size of your braid however some people just find it easier to have more to hold onto.

Here is all you need for a simple round braid: 

All you need to make a simple Kumihimo Braid

8 equal lengths of any strong thread - for this bracelet we have used 8 x 60cm lengths of 1mm Rattail Satin Cord, 4 in Turquoise and 4 Shocking Pink
Kumihimo Disk

Zap Gel Glue
One pair of ends - we have used silver plated 6.2mm magnetic cord ends
And that’s it!

So let’s start.

Tie the threads together in a knot at one end and pass the knot down through the centre of the Kumihimo Disk 
Mini Kumihimo Disk & 8 Lengths of Rattail 1mm

Next, position your eight threads on top of the board, in a cross shape, with thread slotted either side of the four dots, like the picture below.
How to set your 8 lengths of Rattail on the mini disk
Make sure to hold onto the knot with to keep the tension the whole time you are braiding. If you find
this difficult to hold and braid, you could place a small weight onto the knot.
Holding onto the braid underneath the mini disk

For the braid, you will repeat the steps below until you have the braid to the length required.

Move 1

1.Take the bottom left thread in 16 to the top left 30

Move 2

2.Take the top right thread 32 to the bottom right 15

Move 3

3.Turn the disk a quarter turn anti clockwise &take the bottom left thread in 24 to the top left 6

Move 4

4.Take the top right thread 8 to the bottom left 22 turn the disk a quarter turn anti clockwise & repeat these 4 steps until your braid is of the required length.

Braid is at the desired length

How to 'whip' the ends

'Whip' each end by sewing around all of the threads. this is to prevent the braid from coming undone when you cut it to fit into the ends. Snip the braid close to this line of sewing.
Adding the ends

Place the glue into one of the ends to about 1/3rd full & push the braid in & twist slightly. Leave to dry & repeat for the other end.
November 12, 2017 by Caron Nosek

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