This is a full tutorial of the bracelet featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 Trend book which accompanied the Make & Sell Jewellery Magazine May issue & is a copyright free project.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make this lovely beaded ripple bracelet using various sizes of Seed Beads. You can purchase the kit for this bracelet directly from us for £8.95, or you can purchase the items separately.

You don't have to make this bracelet in these colours as we have lots of gorgeous colours to choose from in each of the required sizes, so why not get creative.

The ingredients below are for the bracelet as shown which measures 7 ½ inches in total length.


1 x 10g Miyuki Seed Beads Lined Light Seafoam AB 11/0 - actually need approx 3g
1 x 10g Miyuki Seed Beads Amethyst Lined Crystal AB 11/0 - actually need approx 4g
2 x 10g Miyuki Seed Beads Purple Lined Amethyst AB size 8/0 - actually need approx 12g
1 x 10g Matubo Czech Glass Seed Beads Magic Violet Grey 7/0 - actually need approx 2.5g
1 x Silver Plated 2 Row Slide Clasp
6 metres of Fireline 6lb Crystal– work with 2 metre lengths at a time, finishing off each length as you proceed
Beading Needle size 12 or 10

Please note, this is a copyright free project so you can make this design & sell it but the instructions and diagrams remain the property of Caron Nosek Ltd must not be copied or printed for sale purposes, without prior written permission from Caron Nosek Ltd.
1:Using 2 metres of Fireline 6lb, place a stop bead 25cms from one end. Pick up 14 size 11/0 beads in purple (p11). Pick up 1 p11 & go back through the 2nd to last bead placed (no 13). Pick up 1 p11 & go through bead no. 11. Continue this way, going into every other bead right up to the 1st bead threaded. You will have 3 rows of Peyote stitch in purple.
2: Pick up 1 11/0 in green (g11) & go through the last bead you threaded on in step 1. (This is now the 1st bead on the third row). You will place 7 beads in total in between the gaps on each row from now to the end of the bracelet. Work 4 rows in g11 then another 3 rows in p11.
3: Now pick up the size 8/0 purple (p8) & work 3 rows in this size. It is essential that you keep your thread taut as you work especially as you change the size of the beads.
4: Now pick up the size 7/0 purple (p7) & work 1 row in this size.

5: Now work 3 rows in p8, 3 rows in p11, 4 rows in g11 and 3 rows in p11. This will complete the first ripple and take you to the start of the next ripple. Repeat step 3 to 5 until you have reached your desired length. We have made 9 ripples for a 7.5 inch bracelet which will fit a 6 inch wrist snugly.

6: Now you are ready to attach the clasp. Work your thread to the bead as shown in the photo bringing the needle to the back of your bracelet and go through one of the rings on the clasp. Go back through this bead & clasp 2 to 3 more times to secure. Move across to the other bead & attach to the other ring. (See the enlarged photo below) The clasp should sit in the centre of the bracelet width.

7: Finish off this end of the thread by weaving back through your work. To avoid any thread showing across the beads, only go into beads that are next to each other. When you are happy, snip the thread close to the beads. Remove the stop bead from the other end & attach the other end of the clasp in the same way. You will now have a completed ripple bracelet.
March 26, 2017 by Caron Nosek

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